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Human Embryology and Developmental Biology E-Book

Human Embryology and Developmental Biology E-Book

Bruce M. Carlson


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This thoroughly revised 4th edition offers both clear descriptions and explanations of human embryonic development based on all the most up-to-date scientific discoveries and understanding. Particular attention is paid to the fundamental aspects of molecular mechanisms in development, introducing you to major families of important developmental molecules. Clinical aspects of development are covered throughout in boxed sections of text. First-rate illustrations complete this essential package.

  • Integrates contemporary developmental knowledge with classical embryological understanding.
  • Interprets complex molecular developments, to help you learn how exactly the embryo develops.
  • Presents first-rate clinical photos and clear drawings, to help you to memorize and understand normal and abnormal development.
  • Uses clear sections within the chapter and summaries at the end of each to help you navigate this complex subject.
  • Includes review questions at the end of each chapter to help you assess your knowledge.
  • Provides more coverage of molecular development to help you interpret complex information.
  • Revises the section on the development of the head, particularly useful for dental students.