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Procedures in Phlebotomy - E-Book

Procedures in Phlebotomy - E-Book

John C. Flynn


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Introducing the practices and procedures of phlebotomy, Procedures in Phlebotomy, 4th Edition provides easy-to-read guidelines for both basic and special phlebotomy techniques. It describes proper procedures for venipuncture, special collection procedures, and pediatric and geriatric considerations, and addresses essential topics such as infection control, OSHA guidelines, and anatomy and physiology. It also discusses professional issues such as interpersonal communication, department management, total quality, and medical-legal topics. Written by expert phlebotomy educator John C. Flynn, Jr., this edition includes more in-depth content, a new chapter on medical terminology, new case studies, and a practice exam that prepares you for the phlebotomy certification exam.

  • A 150-question practice exam provides a comprehensive review of content and prepares you for the phlebotomy certification examination with questions that mirror the exam's multiple-choice format.
  • Competency score sheets allow you to evaluate your mastery of newly acquired skills related to the most critical and important steps in phlebotomy procedures.
  • A color Tube Guide provides a quick reference for determining the type of tube to use for blood collection of common tests.
  • Review questions at the end of each chapter reinforce your understanding and provide a self-assessment tool.
  • A glossary provides a quick reference to definitions for all of the book's terms.
  • A companion Evolve website enhances learning with interactive quizzes and WebLinks for further reading and research.
  • NEW content includes a new chapter on medical terminology, and also addresses patient quality issues, geriatric considerations, and point-of-care tests.
  • Case studies with critical thinking questions allow you to apply chapter content to real-life scenarios.
  • Lists of key terms identify new terminology.
  • Learning objectives begin each chapter, setting measurable outcomes you will achieve.
  • Spanish phrases related to phlebotomy are included in the appendix for quick reference.