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Sloane's Medical Word Book - E-Book

Sloane's Medical Word Book - E-Book

Ellen Drake


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With just this single reference, you’re getting an entire library of specialized word books. There’s no need to buy separate books to cover all the specialties with which you may be less familiar. Sloane’s Medical Word Book includes the terms that medical transcriptionists encounter most frequently — all in a convenient, user-friendly format. Terms are organized by specialty, so you can always select the correct word with accuracy. A must-have for students and practicing transcriptionists!

  • Organization of terms by specialty allows you to accurately identify the correct word.
  • A 16-page full-color insert shows anatomy by body systems and region.
  • Three convenient sections provide a quick reference:
    • General Terms includes general medical terms, general surgical terms, and laboratory, pathology, and chemistry terms
    • Specialties includes terms from 18 different specialties
    • Guide to Terminology includes abbreviations, anatomy plates, combining forms, and rules for forming plurals
  • Selected entries include both the correct spelling and a phonetic spelling for terms that may be difficult to spell.
  • 100 commonly misspelled English words frequently used in dictation.
  • Unique! All forms of words are listed, including adjectives and adverbs, plus the "s" form of verbs.
  • Unique! Includes slang, physician-coined words, and brief forms along with their expansions.
  • Unique! Phrases can be found under the adjective and under the noun main entry.
  • Author Ellen Drake is a nationally known speaker and expert in medical transcription.
  • New terms ensure that you have the most up-to-date information available.