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Urologic Surgical Pathology E-Book

Urologic Surgical Pathology E-Book

Liang Cheng | David G. Bostwick


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Completely revised with practical guidance in daily urological pathology sign-out and the latest recommended diagnostic approaches, the new edition of this comprehensive reference equips you to accurately diagnose specimens of the entire urinary tract and male reproductive system plus the adrenal glands. It begins with a look at normal anatomy and histology for each organ system...followed by discussions of the pathology of congenital anomalies, inflammations, non-neoplastic diseases and neoplasia. An emphasis on clinicopathologic and radiographic-pathologic correlations makes this a true diagnostic decision-making guide. A consistent format enables you to locate critical information quickly, and more than 1500 high-quality illustrations — most in full color — make diagnosis even easier.

  • Presents the practice-proven experience of today’s authorities to enable you to diagnose with confidence.
  • Limits coverage of general mechanisms of disease and anatomy to the most relevant information needed to fully comprehend the clinical picture.
  • Includes boxed lists of types and causes of diseases, differential diagnosis, characteristic features of diseases, complications, classifications, and staging that help you quickly locate the specific information you need.
  • Presents two brand-new chapters covering urinary cytology and fine needle aspiration to keep you up to date.
  • Covers newly described entities and application of ancillary study for precise diagnosis.
  • Features integration of new molecular techniques and immunohistochemical analysis for differential diagnosis.
  • Equips you with the latest recommended diagnostic approaches help you make the most informed decisions.
  • Provides you with a critical review of the current classifications of cancer and disease.
  • Features more than 1500 high-quality illustrations-in full color—providing a complete visual perspective of the conditions encountered in pathology.