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Study Guide for Fundamental Concepts and Skills for Nursing - E-Book

Study Guide for Fundamental Concepts and Skills for Nursing - E-Book

Susan C. deWit | Patricia A. Williams


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Reinforce your understanding of nursing concepts and skills, and apply that knowledge to nursing practice! Corresponding to the chapters in deWit’s Fundamental Concepts and Skills for Nursing, 4th Edition, this study guide provides practice exercises, review questions, and application activities to help you gain a solid understanding of the principles and skills you’ll need to succeed in your nursing classes and in your career.

  • Steps to Better Communication sections in each chapter include a vocabulary building glossary, NCLEX exam-style completion exercises, grammar and pronunciation exercises, and cultural issues.
  • Review Questions for the NCLEX-PN Examination include multiple-choice and alternate-format questions related to content in the textbook.
  • Clinical Situations ask you to apply key concepts to nursing practice.
  • Setting Priorities questions ask you to rank tasks in order of importance — prioritization is one of the most important skills in nursing.
  • Application of the Nursing Process questions help you make the connection between the nursing process and real-world patient care.
  • Text page references make it easy to locate answers in the textbook.
  • To the Student instructions provide study hints to ESL and non-ESL students.
  • Updated content reflects current issues in nursing, such as QSEN standards.