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Elsevier Comprehensive Guide to Combined Medical Services (UPSC)-E-Book

Elsevier Comprehensive Guide to Combined Medical Services (UPSC)-E-Book

Rajeev Kumar | Prakash Nayak


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  • 16 years (1999–2014) authentic question papers of Combined Medical Services (UPSC) with answers, detailed explanations, and references
  • Lucid and stylized presentation with tables, flowcharts, and complete coverage of the related topics
  • Coverage of the topics from the point of view of NEET as well as other PG and DNB entrance exams

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
Front Cover Cover
Elsevier Comprehensive Guide to Combined Medical Services UPSC Simplified iii
Copyright Page iv
Table of\rContents xv
Dedication v
Preface ix
Acknowledgments xi
General Instruction for\rCMS Examination xiii
CHAPTER\r1. CMS Paper I-1999 1
CHAPTER\r2. CMS Paper II-1999 29
CHAPTER 3.\rCMS Paper I-2000 57
CHAPTER 4.\rCMS Paper II-2000 84
CHAPTER\r5. CMS Paper I-2001 108
CHAPTER\r6. CMS Paper II-2001 134
CHAPTER\r7. CMS Paper I-2002 161
CHAPTER\r8. CMS Paper II-2002 187
CHAPTER\r9. CMS Paper I-2003 209
CHAPTER\r10. CMS Paper II-2003 235
CHAPTER\r11. CMS Paper I-2004 260
CHAPTER\r12. CMS Paper II-2004 289
CHAPTER\r13. CMS Paper I-2005 318
CHAPTER\r14. CMS Paper II-2005 349
CHAPTER\r15. CMS Paper I-2006 378
CHAPTER\r16. CMS Paper II-2006 412
CHAPTER\r17. CMS Paper I-2007 443
CHAPTER\r18. CMS Paper II-2007 483
CHAPTER\r19. CMS Paper I-2008 521
CHAPTER\r20. CMS Paper II-2008 558
CHAPTER\r21. CMS Paper I-2009 598
CHAPTER\r22. CMS Paper II-2009 659
CHAPTER\r23. CMS Paper I-2010 704
CHAPTER\r24. CMS Paper II-2010 748
CHAPTER\r25. CMS Paper I-2011 786
CHAPTER\r26. CMS Paper II-2011 821
CHAPTER\r27. CMS Paper I-2012 844
CHAPTER\r28. CMS Paper II-2012 880
CHAPTER\r29. CMS Paper I-2013 902
CHAPTER\r30. CMS Paper II-2013 935
CHAPTER\r31. CMS Paper I-2014 961
CHAPTER\r32. CMS Paper II-2014 986