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Units, symbols and abbreviations (sixth edition)

Units, symbols and abbreviations (sixth edition)

Baron, Denis | Clarke, H Mac


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Now in its sixth edition, this guide sets out international and standard practice and is an invaluable reference for medical and scientific editors and authors. Scholarly journals often quote this booklet as a guide in their instructions to authors.

Table of Contents

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Prelims (Contents, Acknowledgements, Introduction)
1. ‘New paradigm microfinance’ – what is it?
2. Introduction to financial accounts and analysis
3. Field visits to microbusinesses
4. Rates of return and the cost of money
5. Visit to microfinance groups
6. Financial analysis of a microfinance institution
7. Planning for MFI profitability
8. Marketing microfinance
9. Men and women as clients for microfinance
10. Arrears and defaults – definition and measurement
11. ‘Graduation’ and individual loans
12. Individual versus group lending – the pros and cons of each
13. Bangladesh Grameen groups or self-help on-lending groups?
14. Subsidies – when and how?
15. Commercial banks and microfinance
16. The need for microsavings services
17. Micro-insurance
18. MFI staffing – recruitment and motivation
19. Management information systems – selection and design
20. Measuring the impact of microfinance
21. The ‘downside’ of microfinance
22. Regulation and supervision – by whom and how?
Back Matter (Resources, Index)