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Family Day Care

Family Day Care

Sue Owen | June Statham | Ann Mooney


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Family day care or childminding plays a significant role in the provision of childcare in many countries, but is facing new challenges. Bringing together theory, research and knowledge from practice, this topical book presents a variety of informative perspectives on this important service. Contributors from ten countries draw on their recent research to examine how family day care has developed in differing economic and social climates. Covering the views of policy makers, childcare providers and parents, the book includes discussion of:

* levels of government intervention

* training and support for providers, including childminding networks

* creating partnership between parents and carers

* defining quality and raising standards

* the future of family day care.

By illuminating different approaches that will inform understanding and can contribute to the formation of effective policies and practice, this book will be a useful resource for policy makers, researchers, childcare service providers, students on childcare courses and others with an interest in child care policy.

Of interest to all those concerned with child care, including policy makers, researchers and service providers.
The authors aim to encourage readers to reflect on their own practice, and there is plenty here to raise important questions, and hopefully simulate debate, for policy makers, researchers and service providers.
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