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Creative Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

Creative Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

Sue Richardson | Heather Bacon


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Despite heightened media attention and the increase in professional knowledge about child abuse, many children are still being failed by the system. Using attachment theory as a foundation, this book addresses in depth the acute practice dilemmas concerning children who, despite the climate of increased awareness, multi-disciplinary cooperation and legislative and procedural change, cannot easily be protected.

The contributors give guidelines for working with the children, in particular those who, unable to disclose their experience themselves, are the most difficult to support. Illustrated throughout with case material and informed by the experiences of survivors themselves, the book presents a framework for well managed and resourced, flexible and integrated intervention with children, their families, and the community that will enable professionals and families to work together to break the `cycle of abuse'.

Documented throughout with case material and informed by the experiences of survivors themselves. Although this book is primarily for professionals working with children, it will make shocking but insightful reading for anyone who wants to be more informed about the way our children are helped - or not - by society today.
There is some very important material for practitioners in these chapters. Attachment theory is convincingly presented as an approach that enables us to understand the consequences of child sexual abuse and support the healing of process with those who disclose. The importance of protective parents, particularly mothers for the long-term well-being who have been sexually abused is a constant theme. A strong case is made for the fact that many children who have been abused may not verbalize what has happened to them and that sensitive therapeutic services are required to meet their needs... A rich and persuasive analysis of the needs of children and their relatives with regard to both the discovery of and long-term response to child sexual abuse.
Journal of Social Work
This is not an easy book, emotionally or intellectually. Some of the cases described are harrowing and the contributors are working at the cutting edge of treatment for abused children. This is not a "beginner's text" but there are insights to be had for professionals who are working with families where CSA is an issue, or are interested in how systems can help- or indeed hinder- a child's recovery.
Community Practitioner
The book questions how much this country has moved on since 1987, but there are some positive suggestions among the gloom. This is interesting reading for policy-makers as well as practitioners.
Child Abuse Review
A profound examination of the practice dilemmas of dealing with child sexual abuse... Vivid analysis of the impact of Cleveland personally and professionally, which makes this study essential reading for students and practitioners.
Community Care