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Recent advances in surgery 28

Recent advances in surgery 28

Taylor, I | Johnson, C


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This title is updated annually, covering the latest trends within surgery and reflecting any changes to the professional examinations for surgeons. It provides a comprehensive survey of up-to-date knowledge for candidates of the MRCS/AFRCS examinations, and forms a useful update of general surgery for candidates of the Intercollegiate Examination - Contents: . Bacterial Translocation . Surgery for Crohn's Disease . Malignant Melanoma Update . Intestinal Fistula Management . Update on Adjuvant Therapy in Colorectal Cancer . Live Related Donor Renal Transplantation . Technology in Surgical Education . Present Situation with regard to Staging and Diagnostic Laparoscopy . The Diabetic Foot . Inguinal Hernia Repair . Severe Acute Pancreatitis . Standards of Management of Pancreatic Disease . Abdominal Tuberculosis . Carotid Endarterectomy . Optimization of the High Risk Surgical Patient . Early Detection of Postoperative Complications . Recent randomized control trials in general surgery . Banding for Obesity . Day surgery