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Clayworks in Art Therapy

Clayworks in Art Therapy

David Henley



Clay is universally recognized as a medium of creative expression, and it also has great potential for therapeutic application. These two properties of clay are celebrated together in a book that explores the history, theory and techniques of claywork in eliciting therapeutic outcomes. Vignettes and case material explain and expand the text, which interweaves an appreciation of clay in art with many practical suggestions for its use in therapy.

By according equal status to aesthetic outcomes and artistic integrity, the author offers a new and holistic approach to claywork. Practitioners and educators in the fields of therapy and art will find his book to be an essential source of information and ideas.

David Henley is Director of the Art Therapy Program at Long Island University and Clinical Director of a psychiatric group serving children with ADHD and related disorders. During his career as an art therapist and educator he has lectured, taught and written extensively on many aspects of art therapy.