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Epigenetics for Drug Discovery

Epigenetics for Drug Discovery

Nessa Carey


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Epigenetics is one of the fastest moving fields in drug discovery, with almost every large pharmaceutical company and a substantial number of biotechnology companies targeting epigenetic processes to treat diseases ranging from cancer to Huntington’s disease and from inflammation to sickle cell anaemia.

The book is structured in three main sections. The first section introduces epigenetics and explain its importance at both a phenomenological and molecular level. The second section goes on to review how each of the big breakthroughs in drug discovery in this field have developed, with a strong emphasis on case histories. The final section highlights the ongoing challenges in creating safe and efficacious epigenetic drugs.

Written and edited by experts within the field from both industry and academia, this book provides an invaluable guide to this developing field for medicinal chemists working in academia and in the pharmaceutical industry.