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Rising to New Heights of Communication and Learning for Children with Autism

Rising to New Heights of Communication and Learning for Children with Autism

Vicki Turner | Carol Spears


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Children with pervasive developmental disorders often do not learn from conventional methods, which can result in social isolation, behavior problems, limitations in communication, and slow academic growth. Greater integration into home and school activities, improved behavior and academic success can be achieved using alternative-augmentative communication (AAC), and this book explains exactly how to make it happen.

Exploring the various communication and intervention options available and offering straightforward techniques and strategies for using them effectively, this book clearly explains everything families, teachers, therapists and other professionals need to know in order to improve a child's communication, behavior, social and academic skills. Chapters follow a consistent, user-friendly format, answering the questions Who, What, Why, How, Where and When about every technique.

This book will be essential reading for anyone looking to improve social interaction between children with pervasive developmental disorders and those around them.

Carol Spears and Vicki Turner write clearly and simply and have given the reader a basic introduction to a wide range of possibilities for improving the communication of children on the autistic spectrum... I recommend this book... as it is written in a positive way and encourages everyone working with children with autism to try and use these ideas to improve the child's quality of life.
Tizard Learning Disability Review.
This easy to read book provides practical guidance into visual methods of supporting communication land learning for children with autism. It contains several useful diagrams and the layout is consistent... this is a good value, informative book. It would be a useful introductory resource for speech and language therapists and students, and would also be beneficial for families and other professionals.
Speech & Language Therapy in Practice
"Rising to New Heights of Communication and Learning for Children with autism: The Definitive Guide to Using Alternative-Augmentive Communication" explains the basics of using the new AAC approach to help autistic kids integrate home and school learning and perceptions. Any working with autistic children will find this packed with keys to explore and integrating a child's academic, communication, and social skills, with chapters offering plenty of case history examples of the entire process. Educators and parents alike will find this a fine pick!
The Midwest Book Review
Carol L. Spears and Vicki L. Turner are both experienced Speech and Language Pathologists with particular expertise in alternative/augmentative communication (AAC) services and visual strategies for clients with autism and pervasive developmental disorders. Both live in Ohio.
By providing a thorough overview of augmentative and alternative communication and visual strategies, this book explores the many communication options and possible interventions and provides specific guidance for using them successfully...This book is essential for families, teachers, therapists and professionals who seek to improve communication between children with PDD's and their relatives
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