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Chemoresponsive Materials

Chemoresponsive Materials

Hans-Jorg Schneider


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Smart materials stimulated by chemical or biological signals are of interest for their many applications including drug delivery, as well as in new sensors and actuators for environmental monitoring, process and food control, and medicine. In contrast to other books on responsive materials, this volume concentrates on materials which are stimulated by chemical or biological signals.

Chemoresponsive Materials introduces the area with chapters covering different responsive material systems including hydrogels, organogels, membranes, thin layers, polymer brushes, chemomechanical and imprinted polymers, nanomaterials, silica particles, as well as carbohydrate- and bio-based systems. Many promising applications are highlighted, with an emphasis on drug delivery, sensors and actuators. With contributions from internationally known experts, the book will appeal to graduate students and researchers in academia, healthcare and industry interested in functional materials and their applications.

Hans-Jörg Schneider is Professor Emeritus at Saarland University in Saarbruecken, Germany. He has made many contributions in the field of organic chemistry, starting with studies on reaction mechanisms and the use of NMR-spectroscopy. In the last decades his research concentrated on supramolecular chemistry, in particular on mechanisms of molecular recognition including chemomechanical polymers, on cyclophane and cyclodextrin chemistry, and on synthetic enzyme and receptor analogs. The topics included synthetic allosteric complexes, polyamines, complexes with nucleotides and nucleic acids, with peptides, as well as artificial esterases and nucleases. Hans-Jörg Schneider has published around 280 scientific papers, authored, co-authored or edited several books, including a textbook on supramolecular chemistry.