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Tomoki Ogoshi


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First reported in 2008, Pillararenes are a new class of macrocyclic hosts consisting of hydroquinone units linked at the para-position. With a composition similar to cucurbiturils and calixarenes, they combine the advantages and aspects of traditional hosts and have applications in sensing, material synthesis and biomedicine.

Pillararenes starts with the historical background of macrocyclic compounds and then following chapters cover the synthesis of pillararenes, their structures, conformations and planar chirality. Dedicated chapters then cover their host-guest properties and supramolecular assemblies based on pillararenes including supramolecular polymers and mechanically interlocked molecules.

Edited by the leader in the field, this is the first book to cover pillararenes and will appeal to graduate students, researchers and academics in supramolecular chemistry, organic chemistry, polymer chemistry and materials science interested in the chemistry and applications of pillararenes.