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Chocolate and Health

Chocolate and Health

Philip K Wilson | W Jeffrey Hurst


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Following on from their previous volume on Chocolate as Medicine, Philip K. Wilson and W. Jeffrey Hurst edit this companion volume, Chocolate and Health, providing a comprehensive overview of the chemistry, nutrition and bioavailability of cacao and chocolate.

The book begins with a brief historical introduction to the topic, outlining the current and historical medical uses of chocolate and chocolate derivatives. The remainder of the text is arranged into three sections, taking the reader through various aspects of the nutritional and health aspects of cacoa. The first section covers the cultivation, chemistry and genome analysis of cacao. The second section discusses the biochemistry and nutritional components of cacao in relation to health, covering bioavailabilty and the metabolism and metabolomics of cacao. The final section provides an overview of the potential use of chocolate in health and medical care.

Each section is written and prepared by experts within each field, providing a global perspective of the current and ongoing research in this area. This text provides the reader with a complete overview of the field and is of interest to food and biomedical scientists, as well as nutritionists, medicinal chemists and anyone with an interest in chocolate.

Chocolate and Health: Chemistry, Nutrition and Therapy offers a comprehensive, well-researched look at the range of health benefits cacao and chocolate provide. Amid endless pseudo-scientific assertions on chocoholism, this work stands out as one of few accessible texts that highlights the true nutritive impacts of chocolate. 

Simran Sethi