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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Jacek Wojcik | Krystyna Kamienska-Trela


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With over 17,000 articles concerning NMR published per year, keeping up to date with the latest developments and applications of this technique can prove time-consuming. Now in its 42nd volume, the Specialist Periodical Report on NMR provides a digest of the current literature, compiled by experts in the field.

The current volume devotes several chapters to the aspects and applications of spin-spin couplings, and biochemists will find seperate chapters dedicated to proteins, lipids and carbohydrates. Further chapters discuss the latest developments in nuclear sheilding, imaging and NMR in living systems.

For a comprehensive account of the latest developments and research using NMR, look no further than Specialist Periodical Reports - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. An essential book for NMR lab and university shelf.

Professor Krystyna Kamienska-Trela is based at the Institute of Organic Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw.