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Norman M Wereley


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Magnetorheological fluids, smart fluids which change viscosity in the presence of a magnetic field, are of great commercial interest for many engineering applications such as shock absorbers and dampers in aerospace.

Magnetorheology: Advances and Applications provides an update on the key developments in the physics, chemistry and uses of magnetorheological fluids. Topics covered include the role of interparticle friction and rotational diffusion, magnetoelasticity, nondimensional flow analysis, thin-film rheology, tribology, coated magnetorheological composite particles and magnetorheological devices with multiple functions. Specific chapters on applications cover adaptive magnetorheological energy absorbing mounts for shock mitigation, magnetorheological fluid-based high precision finishing technologies, adaptive magnetorheological landing gear systems and magnetorheological lag dampers for stability augmentation in helicopters.

Edited by a leading expert and with contributions from distinguished scientists in the field this timely book is suitable for chemists, physicists and engineers wanting to gain a comprehensive overview of these smart materials.

Dr. Wereley holds a B.Eng. (Honors) in Mechanical Engineering from McGill University, Montreal, Canada, and M.S. and Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1987 and 1990, respectively. He joined the Alfred Gessow Rotorcraft Center, University of Maryland in 1993 and currently serves there as the Director of the Smart Structures Laboratory and the Composites Research Laboratory. His research interests are in dynamics and control of smart structures, with emphasis on active and passive vibration isolation and shock mitigation applied primarily to rotorcraft as well as other aerospace and automotive systems. Dr. Wereley has published (or at press) over 140 journal articles, 10 book chapter contributions, and over 230 conference articles. Dr. Wereley is the Editor of the Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures (2007 - present) and serves as an associate editor for the Institute of Physics' journal Smart Materials and Structures and AIAA Journal. His awards include ASME Adaptive Structures and Adaptive Materials Best Paper Award (2004), AIAA National Capital Section Engineer of the Year (2009). A. James Clark School of Engineering Faculty Service Award (2010), AIAA Sustained Service Award (2011), Harry T. Jenson Award (May 2011) from the American Helicopter Society for contributions to active crash protection systems for helicopters (team award with Boeing, US Army, Honeywell and University of Maryland). He was also awarded the ASME Adaptive Structures and Materials Systems Prize (2012) for his contributions to the physics and applications of magnetorheological fluids.