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Magnetic Resonance in Food Science

Magnetic Resonance in Food Science

John van Duynhoven | Peter S Belton | G A Webb | Henk van As


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There are many challenges and problems in food science and magnetic resonance methods may be used to provide answers and deepen both fundamental and practical knowledge. This book presents the latest innovations in magnetic resonance and in particular new applications to understanding the functionality of foods, their processing and stability and their impact on health, perception and behaviour. Drawing on expert knowledge from academia and industry, coverage includes structure and function, emphasizing respectively applications of spectroscopy/relaxometry and imaging/diffusometry; high resolution NMR spectroscopy as applied to quality and safety and foodomics; and, for the first time, dedicated information on perception and behaviour demonstrating the progress that has been made in applications of fMRI in this field. Providing a resource for any newcomer to the field or for those in need of a rapid update of the latest developments, this title will be an indispensable reference tool.