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Hierarchical Nanostructures for Energy Devices

Hierarchical Nanostructures for Energy Devices

Seung H Ko | Costas P Grigoropoulos


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Surface area has a directly relationship with the efficiency of energy devices. Hierarchical nanostructuring has the potential to greatly increase surface area, and their electrical properties are favourable, not only to energy generation and storage, but also energy-consuming electronic circuits.

This book provides systematic coverage of how nanostructured materials can be applied to energy devices, with an emphasis on the process of generation to storage and consumption. The fundamentals (including properties, characterisation and synthesis) are clearly presented across the first chapters of the book, providing readers new to the field with a clear overview of this expanding topic. The detailed discussion of applications will be an inspiration to those already well-versed in the field.

The editors have more than a decade of experience in working on all aspects of energy generation and storage - in academia, national laboratories and industry. The book presents a balanced view from all sectors and is presented in a format accessible by postgraduate students and professional researchers alike.