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Fundamentals of Controlled/Living Radical Polymerization

Fundamentals of Controlled/Living Radical Polymerization

Nicolay V Tsarevsky | Brent S Sumerlin


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Controlled/living radical polymerization (CRP) has revolutionized and revitalized the field of synthetic polymer chemistry over the last twenty years as it is now possible to prepare a wide variety of previously inaccessible macromolecules under relatively mild conditions. Fundamentals of Controlled/Living Radical Polymerization provides an in-depth coverage of the essential chemical principles that enable and govern each of the CRP methods. The book starts with a brief historical overview of the major findings in polymer science which eventually led to the development of living ionic and living radical systems. It then goes on to introduce the main CRP techniques including their mechanistic understanding. The book also provides the information needed to select the appropriate reagents and conditions to conduct various CRP methods in a practical setting. Therefore, in addition to a newcomer gaining an appreciation for what has already been accomplished, the reader will be armed with the tools needed to begin independent research. Fundamentals of Controlled/Living Radical Polymerization provides essential insight into a rapidly growing field that goes beyond a simple literature review of the area. Written by leading experts in the field, the book is an indispensible resource for all researchers, instructors, and students in polymer chemistry.
Nicolay V. Tsarevsky is Assistant Professor of Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry at Southern Methodist University, USA. He received his M.S. (1999) in Theoretical Chemistry and Chemical physics from the University of Sofia, Bulgaria, and his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Carnegie Mellon University (2005) where he worked on the synthesis of functional polymers by ATRP (Advisor: Professor Kris Matyjaszewski). His research interests include the controlled polymerization and synthesis of polymers with well-defined molecular architecture and functionality, nanostructured materials for biomedical or optoelectronic applications, transition metal catalyzed polymerizations and the development of "green" synthetic methodologies. He has authored and co-authored more than 45 papers in peer-reviewed journals, 7 book chapters, 1 textbook and several patents. Brent S. Sumerlin gained a B.S. in Textile Chemistry and Polymer Chemistry Concentration (1998) from the North Carolina State University and a Ph.D. in Polymer Science and Engineering (2003) from the University of Southern Mississippi (Advisor: Charles L. McCormick). He moved to Carnegie Mellon University until 2005, when he moved to the Southern Methodist University. Since 2009 he is Harold Jeskey Trustee Associate Professor in Chemistry. He was awarded an Alfred P Sloan Research Fellow, SMU Ford Research Fellow and named an "Emerging Investigator" by two Royal Society of Chemistry journals. He is an Editorial Board Member for Polymer Chemistry and on the Editorial Advisory Board of a number of key journals. He has published nearly 90 papers in peer reviewed publications and 7 patents.