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Carbohydrate Chemistry

Carbohydrate Chemistry

Amelia Pilar Rauter | Thisbe Lindhorst


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In this volume, glycochemistry and glycobiology have been combined to demonstrate the contribution of organic chemistry, modern analytics, biological and biochemical expertise to the increasingly important field of glycomics. A polysaccharide immunomodulator with therapeutic implications, carbohydrate vaccines, new findings emphasizing the influence of carbohydrate decoration on the regulation of inflammatory response and new therapeutic approaches in the treatment of acute and chronic inflammatory diseases, recent progress on glycoengineering based on a glycosylation strategy to optimize protein drugs, congenital disorders of glycosylation, and key aspects of the glycosylation changes associated with bladder cancer are amongst the subjects presented in this volume. The contribution of glycochemistry to innovation in glycosciences is shown with chapters covering highly functionalized exo-glycals for the generation of molecular diversity in a chemoselective manner, imino sugar glycosidase inhibitors, carbasugars, multivalent glycoconjugates, including glycodendrimers, glyconanotubes, and glyconanoparticles, and their uses in medicinal chemistry, as well as artificial saccharide-based and saccharide-functionalized gene delivery systems. Siderophores based on monosaccharides (which have proven effective for Gram-negative bacteria and mycobacteria), and the so-called smart materials, (which can modulate and control cell behaviour), complete the volume. Volume 39 of Carbohydrate Chemistry - Chemical and Biological Approaches contains contributions ranging from glycochemistry to glycobiology. This collection demonstrates in a meaningful way how the interdisciplinary approach of an international glyconetwork can advance the field of carbohydrate research in Europe and worldwide.

Amelia Pilar Rauter is Head of Carbohydrate Chemistry Group in the Chemistry and Biochemistry department of the University of Lisbon, Portugal. Thisbe K Lindhorst is Professor of Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry at the University of Kiel, Germany.