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Asymmetric Domino Reactions

Asymmetric Domino Reactions

Helene Pellissier


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This book covers the latest developments in asymmetric domino reactions, focussing on those published in the last 6 years. These fascinating reactions have rapidly become one of the most current fields in organic chemistry, since they allow reaching easily high molecular complexity in an economically favourable way with advantages of savings in solvent, time, energy, and costs. Unsurprisingly, the high levels of efficiency and enantioselectivity generally reached in these reactions have been exploited for the production of a wide number of complex chiral molecules with dense stereochemistry and functionality, which are motifs present in biologically active compounds and natural products. The book is divided into three principal sections, dealing successively with asymmetric domino reactions based on the use of chiral auxiliaries, asymmetric domino reactions based on the use of chiral metal catalysts, and asymmetric domino reactions based on the use of chiral organocatalysts, covering the literature since the beginning of 2006.
Hélène Pellissier was born in Gap, France. She carried out her PhD under the supervision of Dr G. Gil in Marseille and then entered the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in 1988. After a postdoctoral position in Professor K. P. C. Vollhardt's group at Berkeley, she joined the group of Professor M. Santelli in Marseille in 1992. Here she focused on the chemistry of BISTRO and its large application in organic synthesis.