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Advanced Synthetic Materials in Detection Science

Advanced Synthetic Materials in Detection Science

Subrayal M Reddy


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In a bid to develop synthetic molecules and materials that are capable of mimicking biological recognition and function, intensive research in the fields of synthetic receptor technologies, smart materials, synthetic biology and smart indicators has been under way for the past 20-30 years. The development of synthetic receptors continues to grow rapidly. Novel molecular architectures, with ever improving selective binding properties are constantly being described, and in some cases providing much-needed physical insights into the nature of non-covalent interactions and molecular recognition. Such receptor systems are finding increasingly esoteric applications and this book captures the key developments at the synthetic receptor/biology/detection science interface.

The editor has extensive experience in applying smart materials and synthetic receptors to the development of biosensors. Reddy has developed smart, permselective and biocompatible molecularly imprinted polymers and membrane materials for the sensor/sample interface and the advancement of smart materials-based electrochemical, quartz crystal and optical sensors for medical, food and environmental applications.

Chapters demonstrate how growing disciplines such as biomimetics, synthetic receptor technologies, pattern recognition and nanotechnology are being used to develop new smart materials for diagnostic sensor and biosensor applications. Postgraduate students and researchers in academia and industry will benefit from this resourceful handbook.

Dr. Sub Reddy (C.Chem. MRSC) obtained his first class degree in Chemistry from the University of Manchester. He received his Ph.D. in Membrane-based Electrochemical Biosensing from the same University (1996). His post-doctoral research interests have included the development of quartz crystal-based biosensors, operating in the liquid phase (University of Wales, Bangor; 1994-1997) and the development of application-specific odour sensors (UMIST, Manchester; 1997-1998).

"This is a very good, interesting book and one that should be on your desk if you are working in the area of materials for detection science. I liked the fact that for this book the RSC has published some figures in colour. This is needed with the complexity of some of the diagrams.."

"The book consists of seven chapters taking the reader from biomimicry and materials to biomimetic materials and surface detection."

"...a very good book and one that in today's high price market is worth the money."

Peter Myers