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Modelling and Measuring Reactor Core Graphite Properties and Performance

Modelling and Measuring Reactor Core Graphite Properties and Performance

Gareth B Neighbour



Gas-cooled, graphite-moderated nuclear reactors suffer ageing and degradation to the graphite during service posing a threat to the functionality of the core, and potentially, the safe operation of the reactor. Thus, the importance of modelling and measuring reactor core graphite properties and performance increases especially as continued use beyond the designed life time becomes significant. This book captures the proceedings from the third in a series of meetings addressing the extensive research and analysis performed to ensure the continuing safe performance of the graphite cores. Covering four broad themes: mechanistic; statistical; empirical; and, plant performance, this book should appeal to a broad range of readers from engineers and reactor operators to policy makers.
Dr Gareth Neighbour completed his PhD in Materials Science at the University of Bath and joined AEA Technology at their Windscale plant from 1992 for four years where, amongst other things, he managed the integration of project safety, QA and engineering management systems. He then moved to University of Bath where he formed and then led the internationally recognised Bath Nuclear Materials Group. Dr Gareth Neighbour joined the University of Hull in February 2001 as a lecturer in Engineering. A significant proportion of his research is interdisciplinary in nature. His interest ranges from integrated management systems to fracture mechanics and fundamental structure-property relationships of engineering materials. With over 64 publications and a significant number of classified reports published by nuclear industry organisations, he is often invited to collaborate with national and international organisations and assist with organising conferences and committees.