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Environmental Forensics

Environmental Forensics

Robert D Morrison | Gwen O'Sullivan


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This publication includes peer-reviewed manuscripts from the 2011 International Network of Environmental Forensics (INEF) Conference held at St. John's College in Cambridge, UK. INEF is an organization founded by environmental forensic scientists for the express purpose of sharing and disseminating environmental forensic information to the international scientific community. Environmental forensic information presented at this conference included topics on contaminant age dating, the use of chemical and biological diagnostic markers for contaminant source identification, advancements in the use of petroleum hydrocarbon pattern recognition techniques, the availability of surrogate chemicals to identify the age of a contaminant release, the identification and application of chemical impurities for source identification and advancements in compound specific isotopic analysis, especially related to chlorinated solvent releases. All of these topics were presented in terms of their applications in contaminant releases throughout the world in terrestrial and marine environments. This professionally edited book is the second of a series of INEF conference publications chronicling the current state of the art in environmental forensics. The intent of this publication and subsequent INEF conference volumes is to capture the evolution of environmental forensic topics as a scientific discipline.
Robert Morrison has a B.S. in Geology, a M.S. in Environmental Studies, a M.S. in Environmental Engineering and a Ph.D. in Soil Physics from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. He has worked for 38 years as an environmental consultant on projects related to soil and groundwater contamination, including site investigations and remediation. His current specialization is in the forensic review and interpretation of scientific data for the purpose of identifying the source and age of a contaminant release. Gwen O'Sullivan is currently an environmental chemist with Trium Environmental Solutions Inc. (TRIUM). In this role she is responsible for project management, business development, litigation support, and independent scientific investigation. She has B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences from University of Limerick in 1999, and a Ph.D from the Environmental Engineering Research Center within the department of Engineering at Queen's University of Belfast in 2004. She has worked on numerous projects and designed and managed environmental forensics investigations involving compounds of major concern.