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Microwave Assisted Proteomics

Microwave Assisted Proteomics

Jennie R Lill


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Since the conceptualization of the electromagnetic spectrum and development of the magnetron, microwave energy has been utilized in many aspects and disciplines of science. Although adopted by multiple industries over the past quarter of a century, it is only within the past few years that microwave irradiation has been evaluated as a useful tool for the biochemical and chemical preparation of proteins and other bio-molecules for proteomics and in particular mass spectrometric analysis. This book is an introduction to microwave-assisted bio-analytical methods with an emphasis on sample preparation for proteomic analyses. Its objective is to provide a history and background for the methods described and the book summarizes the development and application of these protocols from both the literature in this field as well as from the experiences of a variety of laboratories conducting microwave-assisted protocols. It describes the evolution and integration of microwave energy into the biosciences with particular emphasis on the proteomic arena and an in depth evaluation of a variety of techniques within the field of proteomics which benefit from microwave-irradiation is given. In addition to describing the evolution of the microwave-assisted methodologies, the book also offers a concise protocol section with practical advice on how to implement these methods in any laboratory. Mechanisms of action as well as an overview of the types of instrumentation available are described to help the reader develop the best experimental design for their own budget and experimental aims. Microwave-assisted proteomics is a rapidly evolving field and this book captures the main areas that fall under this emerging arena.
Jennie R Lill, Genentech Inc, San Francisco, USA has spent 11 years in proteomic mass spectrometry research. She has a B.Sc. in Biological Sciences from Warwick University, and an M.Sc. in Biotechnology from Nottingham Trent University and a Ph.D. Thesis entitled "Characterisation of MHC class I peptides by reverse phase chromatography and ion trap mass spectrometry" from Nottingham Trent University.