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C David Gutsche


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Calixarenes was the first book to be published in the `Monographs in Supramolecular Chemistry' series and is also the first complete survey available of this rapidly developing field. It provides a fascinating and lively account of the history, development and applications of calixarenes, which are probably the world's most readily available synthetic molecular baskets. These basket shaped compounds possess the ability to hold metal ions, as well as molecules, in their interior and as a result of their extraordinarily easy synthesis from phenols and aldehydes are receiving increasingly wide attention. This book is a must for advanced undergraduates and post-graduates studying bio-organic and supramolecular chemistry.
" The arrival of a book on this subject at this time could hardly be more opportune. A large body of knowledge has accrued in the scientific literature over the past two decades and there was a need for a concise overview of the subject... Much fascinating chemistry is dealt with in this book in both an erudite and entertaining manner, and the 442 references acknowledge the work of all major contributors in the field."