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Hydrogen Energy

Hydrogen Energy

Julian CR Hunt | D A J Rand | R M Dell


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A transition to renewable and low-carbon forms of energy is being widely debated as a means of securing a sustainable future for mankind. Hydrogen Energy Challenges and Prospects, a new book from the authors of Clean Energy, considers the prospects for hydrogen as a universal energy vector and fuel for the decades to come. With no emissions other than water arising from its combustion, the potential virtues of harnessing and utilizing hydrogen correlate with recent growing concern over the security of conventional fuel supply and global climate change. This book sets out to analyze the technical situation in an objective fashion, free from the constraints of political and industrial loyalties. Areas covered include pathways to hydrogen production, prospects for carbon capture and storage, options for hydrogen storage on vehicles, fuel cells, and fuel cell vehicles. Each of the many facets of hydrogen energy is discussed and the challenges to be faced are addressed. The authors acknowledge it is not possible to reach a simple, unequivocal conclusion regarding overall prospects, since the international energy scene is so complex, and predicting long-term futures is so notoriously difficult. Nevertheless, the reader will be given compelling pointers indicative of the way in which events might develop. This topical book is ideal for undergraduates, postgraduates and academics with an interest in hydrogen energy. Government agencies and energy professionals will also find this content to be a useful reference source.