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Conservation Science

Conservation Science

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Conservation of artefacts and heritage materials is an increasingly popular and fascinating area, spanning both historical and scientific disciplines. Materials come in many forms ranging from sunken ships to tapestries, from buildings to books. With this wide range of matrices and materials to analyse and preserve, an interdisciplinary approach is needed drawing upon skills from many areas of knowledge. Conservation Science: Heritage Materials links these fields of research together forming a comprehensive text book that discusses analytical aspects, wall paintings, organic and inorganic materials. It provides up to date information on subjects including research on decay and degradation and an understanding of the deterioration mechanisms of historic and artistic works. Also included are a number of case studies of particularly important finds including the upkeep of the Mary Rose and the preservation of the sail on Nelsons ship HMS Victory. This book provides an essential guide and reference source for those working in all areas of heritage conservation.
A useful tool for students.......This book should definitely be of great use for conservators and conservations scientists during their professional life.
It brings together a thorough description of wide range of heritage materials in one comprehensive volume.... a very good introduction to conservation science.
I can envisage this book being relevant to these museum students and a range of heritage disciplines. The Book will also serve the needs of conservation professionals seeking well researched accessible information on materials....general reader with basic science knowledge should have no difficulty in following the text.A good mix of theoretical and practical perspectives.Throughout there is a great deal of 'how to' and 'how not to' field-tested advice. I fully expect that it will have a long life on the shelves of graduates, professionals and science enthusiasts.
A detailed read of this book provides new and interesting information even for a veteran conservator of shipwreck materials...a wonderful commentary on contemporary collection practices including materials such as leather, stone, plastics and wall paintings.