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Exploiting Chemical Diversity for Drug Discovery

Exploiting Chemical Diversity for Drug Discovery

Dimitris K Agrafiotis | Steven V Ley | Mats Larhed | Chaitan Khosla | David R Liu | A Ganesan | Reg Richardson | Jochen Knolle | G Gerd Hummel | C John Harris | Gerard Mathis | Eric Trinquet | Renate Schnitzer | Horst Kessler | Kit S Lam | Michael B Bolger | Tina K Garyantes | Martyn Banks | Litao Zhang | V Reineke | V Reimer | Peter Nilsson | Kristofer Olofsson | Julie Li | Christof Fattinger | Gregor Dernick | Mark Ladlow | Emma Vickerstaffe | Yi Tang | Alan C Gibbs | Ruben Tommasi | Ivan Cornella | Jochen Klages | Murray Coles | Pappanaicken R Kumaresan | John G Houston | Robert Fraczkiewicz | Boyd Steere Steere | Francesca Casano | Zhuyin Li | Wolfgang Sommergruber | Pappanaicken R Kumaresan | Paul A Bartlett | Michael Entzeroth


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Conceptual and technological advances in chemistry and biology have transformed the drug discovery process. Evolutionary pressure among the diverse scientific and engineering disciplines that contribute to the identification of biologically active compounds has resulted in synergistic improvements at every step in the process. Exploiting Chemical Diversity for Drug Discovery encompasses the many components of this transformation and presents the current state-of-the-art of this critical endeavour. From the theoretical and operational considerations in generating a collection of compounds to screen, to the design and implementation of high-capacity and high-quality assays that provide the most useful biological information, this book provides a comprehensive overview of modern approaches to lead identification. Beginning with an introductory overview, subsequent chapters address topics that include the design of chemical libraries and methods for optimizing their diversity; automated and accelerated chemistry; high throughput assay design and detection techniques; and strategies for data analysis and property optimization. Written by experts in the field, both academic and industrial, and illustrated in full colour, this book provides an excellent overview for current practitioners and will also serve as a stimulating resource for future generations. Researchers in organic and medicinal chemistry, the biological and pharmacological sciences, as well as those interested in allied computational and engineering disciplines will value the comprehensive and up-to-date coverage.