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Biophysical and Structural Aspects of Bioenergetics

Biophysical and Structural Aspects of Bioenergetics

Marten Wikström


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Bioenergetics is a term used to describe the events of primary energy transduction in biology. The field has seen tremendous advances in recent years thanks to developments in the biophysical and computational techniques used to solve the three-dimensional structures of the membrane-bound proteins, which often act as catalysts in these reactions. This has enabled researchers to bring, otherwise static, structures to life and decipher the dynamic function of these intriguing systems. Biophysical and Structural Aspects of Bioenergetics brings together contributions from internationally respected experts, all of whom helped shape and develop the field of bioenergetics. It provides a representative snapshot of the very latest key developments in this multidisciplinary subject, with an emphasis on molecular structure, and how this changes during the bioenergetic function. Offering a comprehensive overview of the current state of the art, and complete with extensive citations in each chapter, this book is the ideal reference for both biochemists and biophysicists studying this fascinating topic.