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Trace Element Analysis of Food and Diet

Trace Element Analysis of Food and Diet

Peter S Belton | Namik K Aras | O Yavuz Ataman


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Trace element analysis has a key role to play in quality control of food and diet. This timely book introduces the subject in a practical way - from sampling and the techniques available for trace analysis, to procedures for specific elements and data analysis. Beginning with a brief introduction and discussion of statistical evaluation of data, the subsequent chapter looks at trace analysis in general, with its essentials and terminology. Another section introduces sampling and preparation of foodstuffs such as wheat, potato, vegetables and milk. This is followed by descriptions of the various spectrometric techniques (atomic absorption, atomic emission, atomic fluorescence) that are available. Plasma techniques for both optical emission and mass spectrometry are presented, as are nuclear activation analysis and X-ray methods. A comparison of the various analytical techniques is provided, and a separate chapter handles speciation analysis. Finally, procedures for determining essential and toxic elements such as arsenic, iron, selenium and zinc are suggested, using several recent references. Detailed explanations and a simple format will appeal to laboratory technicians and graduate students, as well as more experienced researchers. Comprehensive coverage, coupled with illustrations and a guide to relevant literature and manufacturers, will make Trace Element Analysis of Food and Diet a valuable source of information for anyone working on analysis of trace elements in food, diet or other biological or environmental samples - particularly food engineers, agricultural scientists and government testing agency employees.