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Packed Column SFC

Packed Column SFC

Roger M Smith | T A Berger


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Packed Column SFC is the third title to be published in this series and has been produced as a result of the dramatic re-emergence, in the last three years, of packed column instrumentation. This has led to a redefinition of the technique and an urgent need for a practical guide that deals with its subtleties. This book fulfils that need and deals exclusively with packed column SFC. It places the emphasis on understanding the underlying chemistry in order to perform rapid, systematic optimizations and provides many practical tips to help the new user avoid problems unique to SFC. It also proposes a detailed scheme for method development and provides lists of prioritized guidelines. The book clears up some of the confusion that surrounds the analytical use of supercritical fluids and assists the user in understanding the power and utility of this technique. Detailed chapters cover the most promising new application areas for packed column SFC, which are often overlooked in the mainstream chromatography literature. Like the other books in this popular series, Packed Column SFC will prove an invaluable guide and is essential reading for graduates, postgraduates and researchers with interests in pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemistry, small polar drug molecules, chiral analysis, environmental chemistry, and chromatography/instrumentation.