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Membranes and Molecular Assemblies

Membranes and Molecular Assemblies

Jurgen-Hinrich Fuhrhop | Jurgen Koning


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Membranes and Molecular Assemblies describes the wealth of membrane structures realized by chemists mainly within the last two decades - micelles, vesicles, fibres, and surface monolayers - from the point of view of supramolecular chemistry. It puts new emphasis on "synkinetic" procedures for the preparation of non-covalent assemblies as well as their structural characterization by electron microscopy, solid state NMR spectroscopy, and comparison to X-ray crystal structures. The supramolecular structure of well-defined molecular assemblies and their use as complex reaction systems is also emphasized. Stereoselective surface recognition, asymmetric membranes, vectorial photoreactions, solid molecular bilayers in the form of tubules or helical rods, and sealable nanopores in membranes or on electrode surfaces are a few outstanding examples. In addition, the importance of well-defined gaps on surfaces and within membranes and crystals is discussed in context for the first time. This book will provide a fascinating read for graduates, researchers, and teachers in bio-organic chemistry, with interests in membranes and surface and colloid structure.