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Magnetic Resonance in Food Science

Magnetic Resonance in Food Science

Maryam Haifeng Gao Amin | Frans van den Berg | Jean-Marie Bonny | Rasmus Bro | Francesco Capozzi | Jens Duus | Eva Falch | Antonio Gilberto Ferreira | Thierry Gostan | Brian Hills | Nazlin Howell | Penny Hubbard | Jerzy Jaroszewski | Lennart Kenne | Cherl-Ho Lee | Gerard Martin | Ales Mohoric | Nikolaus Nestle | Daniel Pusiol | Serge Rezzi | Edmund T Rolls | Sharifudin M D Shaarani | Geir Humborstad Sorland | Elena Trezza | E Emil Veliyulin | Robert A Wind | Manfred Spraul | Peter S Belton | S B Engelsen | H J Jakobsen


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The scope of applications of magnetic resonance to food science continues to expand. Recently, the focus has turned to the way in which the interpretation and quantification of magnetic resonance data of complex food systems increasingly requires the application of multivariate data analytical protocols. This book provides an up-to-date, global perspective of the latest developments in the field, including methods of studying metabolic processes both in vivo and in vitro, functional MRI and the sensory perception of food. Content is divided into five sections: sensory science; aroma and flavour; authenticity and quantification of food; functionality, structure and ingredients; applications of solid-state methods; and new NMR methods and instrumentation. Magnetic Resonance in Food Science: The Multivariate Challenge is ideal for graduates and researchers as well as for academics and professionals in the field.