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Gases In Medicine

Gases In Medicine

Colin A Russell | N G Coley | V Campbell | R M Jones | S Moncada | M J Halsey | C Prys Roberts | John A S Ross | T N Calvey | P Hartwig | K W Miller | C D Richards | J J Lambert | N P Franks | B Lachmann | M M Sedensky | A Angel | K T Wann | J J Kendig | J W Sear | C S Reilly | Stan L Redfearn | M Garrett | Sue Elsworth | E B Smith | S Daniels


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There have been many developments in anaesthesia since Joseph Priestley discovered nitrous oxide. Covering new anaesthetics, the molecular and cellular mechanisms of anaesthesia and the non-hypnotic effects of anaesthetics and other medical gases, Gases in Medicine combines reviews of current research from both academic and clinical perspectives and provides an historical framework in which this research may be placed. Encompassing a wide range of topics including intravenous anaesthetics, neural processes and the 1997 Priestley Lecture on nitric oxide, this book offers an accessible summary of anaesthesia along with the current best research. Also included is the BOC Centenary Lecture, which gives a perspective on anaesthesia for the 21st century. This book will be welcomed by readers in academia and medicine as an illustration of the diversity of research into anaesthesia and the associated history of this fascinating subject.