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Electrochemical Detection in HPLC

Electrochemical Detection in HPLC

Roger M Smith | Robert J Flanagan | David Perrett | Robin Whelpton


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Electrochemical Detection in HPLC: Analysis of Drugs and Poisons is the first monograph devoted to the application of this mode of analysis to the assay of exogenous compounds such as drugs in biological fluids and associated areas. The introductory chapters provide information on basic electrochemistry and HPLC-ED, and on trouble-shooting. The specialized area of thiol analysis is also discussed in detail. Salient practical details of published applications of the technique in analytical toxicology and related areas are provided in a standard format. Alternative techniques are suggested throughout. The emphasis is on the analysis of exogenous compounds, although catecholamines and other endogenous species are discussed in so far as they may be used as drugs. The practical nature of this book will make it useful to professionals working in the field. It will also be of benefit to analysts wishing to use HPLC-ED in the analysis of biological samples for analytes not specifically covered in the volume.