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Pulmonary Infection: an Atlas of Investigation and Diagnosis

Pulmonary Infection: an Atlas of Investigation and Diagnosis

A Hill, FX Emmanuel, WHB Wallace


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Infections of the lung make up a significant proportion of the work of the respiratory and infectious disease physician. This group ranges from tuberculosis, a much-studied disorder which continues to spread in urban communities around the world, to the lung infections acquired in the course of hospitalization and treatment, particularly among the elderly. This beautifully presented atlas provides a visual approach to the topic. Dr Hill has drawn on the illustrative resources of the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary to select a range of graphic images which will enable the user to see examples of both the rare and typical manifestations of these disorders. This book is a visual guidebook to respiratory infection, consisting of a large number of illustrations and captions, rather than text, enabling the user to visualize many different situations. It will provide a useful desk reference for both the busy practitioner and the trainee.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
1 Introduction
Rosalind Eyben and Irene Guijt
2 Uncovering the politics of evidence and results
Rosalind Eyben
3 Mapping the results landscape: insights from a crowdsourcing survey
Brendan Whitty
4 The politics and practice of value for money
Cathy Shutt
5 The politics of juggling multiple accountability disorder
Chris Roche
6 Theory of change as best practice or next trick?
Marjan van Es and Irene Guijt
7 Aid bureaucracy and support for disabled peoples’ organizations
Ola Abu Alghaib
8 The results agenda in Swedish development cooperation: cycles of failure or reform Success?
Janet Vähämäki
9 Valuing children’s knowledge: the politics of listening
Vicky Johnson
10 Unwritten reports: lessons from an NGO collective
Bernward Causemann and Eberhard Gohl
11 Playing the rules of the game and other strategies
Irene Guijt