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Problem Solving in Diabetes

Problem Solving in Diabetes

L Kennedy, I Idris, A Gazis


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The evidence base in diabetes is accumulating rapidly. Prevalence of diabetes is increasing globally, and it is increasingly managed by multi-disciplinary teams working across primary and secondary care. Health professionals working in diabetes need to keep up to date with recent developments. There has also been a boom in both the primary and secondary literature of diabetes. Textbooks and monographs abound which summarize the classic characteristics of the “typical” diabetes patient. Meanwhile the doctor treating individuals needs current information to enable him/ her to solve real life and everyday problems in the field. Problem Solving in Diabetes does just that. The authors have drawn on their clinical experience backed up by wide critical reading in the current primary literature to identify 50 problems and their solutions. Each case covers presentation, options, and an evidence-based management plan. This book will be an invaluable reference source to doctors in their everyday practice dealing with the specific problems of individual patients.

Table of Contents

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Policy Entrepreneurship For Poverty Reduction: Bridging Research and Policy in International Development
Research, Policy and Practice: Why Developing Countries are Different
Bridging Research and Policy: Lessons From Policy Entrepreneurs
Bridging Research and Policy in India
Bridging Research and Policy: A UK Perspective
Bridging Research and Policy in Development: Perspectives from International Organizations
What Determines the Influence That Research Has on Policy-Making?
Bridging Research and Policy
Research-Policy Case Studies
Will a Marshall Plan for Africa Make Poverty History?
Poverty and Economic Policy: What Happens When Researchers Disagree?
Bridging Research and Policy on Education, Training and Their Enabling Environments
Development Assistance and Development Finance: Evidence and Global
Policy Agendas