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Hypertension: An Atlas of Investigation and Management

Hypertension: An Atlas of Investigation and Management

ED Frohlich, HO Ventura


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This is the first volume of a new series of titles, each of which provides readers with a concise and carefully-structured pictorial reference to the clinical manifestations of disease and the means by which the diagnosis may be confirmed. In this volume the author begins by reviewing the basics of blood pressure measurement, clinical examination and assessment of risk factors, before moving on to review in turn the mechanisms that underlie the several different forms of hypertension, and the investigations which are appropriate to making a correct diagnosis in each case. The numerous clinical photographs are supported by a concise, highly-structured text that highlights characteristic presenting signs, tests by which diagnoses may be confirmed and differentials excluded. Flowcharts, checklists and algorithms are used throughout to summarise key facts, and present the reader with a rapid reference to the diagnostic process. Tables summarising key data are also included, and all these features combine to provide a uniquely accessible reference to this most challenging disease.

Table of Contents

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Prelims (Contents, Foreword, The Urban Management Series, Acknowledgements, List of Figures, List of Tables, List of Boxes, List of Acronyms and abbreviations)
1. Introduction
Roger Zetter, Rodney White
2. Sustainable development: between environment and development agendas
Al-Moataz Hassan, Roger Zetter
3. Market enablement or sustainable development? The conflicting paradigms of urbanization
Roger Zetter
4. Environmental health or ecological sustainability? Reconciling the brown and green agendas in urban development
Gordon McGranahan, David Satterthwaite
5. African cities and climate change: the global context for sustainable development
Rodney White
6. Urban planning and the rationale of the market: the elimination of the intermediate urban level in Bogotá
Andres Ortiz-Gomez
7. Public sector capacity-building and urban policy changes in the Kingdom of Lesotho: implications for international development assistance
Cormac Davey
8. Property taxation, public finance and sustainable development: the case of Belém, Brazil
José Júlio Lima
9. Urban livelihoods, shocks and stresses
David Sanderson
10. International agency shelter policy of the 1990s: experiences from Mozambique and Costa Rica
Harry Smith, Paul Jenkins
11. Authoritarianism and sustainability in Cairo: what failed urban development projects tell us about Egyptian politics
Bill Dorman
12. The sustainability of community development in El Mezquital, Guatemala City
Emma Grant
13. From apartheid city to sustainable city: the compact city approach as a regulative ideal
Koyi Mchunu
14. Structural adjustment and water supply in Bolivia: managing diversity, reproducing inequality
Carlos Crespo-Flores
15. Linking theory and practice in development processes – the case of urban sanitation
Kevin Tayler
Back Matter (List of contributors, Notes, References, Index)