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Social ResearchTheory, Methods and Techniques

Social ResearchTheory, Methods and Techniques

Piergiorgio Corbetta


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Social Research: Theory, Methods and Techniques presents an understanding of social research practice through appreciation of its foundations and methods. Stretching from the philosophy of science to detailed descriptions of both qualitative and quantitative techniques, it illustrates not only 'how' to do social research, but also 'why' particular techniques are used today. The book is divided into three parts: Part One: Illustrates the two basic paradigms - quantitative and qualitative - of social research, describing their origins in philosophical thought and outlining their current interpretations. Part Two: Devoted to quantitative research, and discusses the relationship between theory and research practice. It also presents a discussion of key quantitative research techniques. Part Three: Examines qualitative research. Topics range from classical qualitative techniques such as participant observation, to more recent developments such as ethnomethodological studies. Overall, the author offers an engaging contribution to the field of social research and this book is a reminder of the solid foundations upon which most social research is conducted today. As a consequence it will be required reading for students throughout the social sciences, and at various levels.

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Oxfam and JUSTICE
Abbreviations and acronyms
Executive summary
1. Introduction
2. The nature of ESC rights and the historical development of human rights
3. The UK government’s approach to ESC rights
4. The European framework for promoting and protecting ESC rights
5. The international framework for promoting and protecting ESC rights
6. Developing NGO advocacy on ESC rights: recommendations
Appendix: procedures and addresses for UN and ILO mechanisms