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Essentials of Law for Health Professionals - eBook

Essentials of Law for Health Professionals - eBook

Kim Forrester | Debra Griffiths


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Perfect for:

  • • Bachelor of Nursing students
  • • Diploma of Nursing students
  • • Bachelor of Midwifery students
  • • Bachelor of Paramedicine students
  • • Bachelor of Health science students
  • • Post graduate Nursing and Midwifery students

Essentials of Law for Health Professionals 4e provides students with the information and knowledge necessary to make well-informed and considered decisions about their legal rights and obligations, and the legal rights and obligations of the patients and clients under their care.

  • • Introduces the fundamental concepts and frameworks of health law with clear examples
  • • Focuses on the importance of accurate records, patient confidentiality and the impact of medical negligence
  • • Provides an increased focus on ethical issues, particularly around refusal and/or withdrawal of treatment, guardianship and the manipulation of life
  • • Outlines the obligations and responsibilities in relation to medicines, mental health legislation, child and elder abuse, and explores the management of health complaints
  • • Highlights contemporary issues around National Registration requirements for health professionals.
  • • Revised chapters explaining the roles of government and legal professionals
  • • Chapter 12; Registration and Regulation of Health Professionals reflects the National registration requirements for health professionals
  • • Issues of euthanasia, assisted suicide, mental health, abuse and negligence have been enhanced.