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Study Guide for Understanding Nursing Research -E-Book

Study Guide for Understanding Nursing Research -E-Book

Nancy Burns | Susan K. Grove


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Review nursing research concepts and learn to apply them for evidence-based practice! With learning activities in each chapter, this study guide reinforces the content covered in Understanding Nursing Research, 5th Edition by Nancy Burns and Susan K. Grove. This edition includes an expanded focus on evidence-based practice and new case studies to help you understand the research process and apply your findings to the clinical setting. Three published research studies provide an opportunity to practice with the appraisal and application of nursing research.

  • Learning activities for each textbook chapter review and reinforce key concepts and offer application to evidence-based clinical practice.
  • Time-tested and innovative exercises promote in-depth learning with Introductions, Key Terms exercises, Key Ideas exercises, Making Connections exercises, crossword puzzles, Exercises in Critical Appraisal, and Going Beyond exercises.
  • Hands-on practice with three published research studies allows you to apply your knowledge and gain practice in working with the kinds of articles you will use to build an evidence-based practice.
  • Answer key for all activities lets you check your understanding and learn from your mistakes.
  • An expanded focus on evidence-based practice and new case studies shows the value of understanding the research process and applying it for an evidence-based nursing practice.
  • Three new full-text research articles serve as the basis for hands-on practice in each chapter.