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High Yield Orthopaedics E-Book

High Yield Orthopaedics E-Book

Javad Parvizi


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Here is a great reference source for use when preparing for board or re-certifying exams. High Yield Orthopaedics concisely conveys the most important information in the field with the aid of 600 illustrations—250 in full color. The consistent chapter format—covering every topic thoroughly from the pathophysiology and distribution to the symptoms and treatment—presents the material in a way that makes it easy to access and digest. Portable and compact, this book provides you with a great tool whether you are a practicing orthopaedist or studying for your Boards.

  • Covers more than 200 topics with 460 illustrations—250 in full color—to provide you with a comprehensive yet focused resource.
  • Emphasizes recognition of entities illustrated on the Board exams with two or more key clinical or pathological figures per writeup to give you the fullest understanding of the material.
  • Presents topics selected based on the analysis of many years of examination experience so you get only the important information.
  • Includes the most accurate information from experts who keep you current.
  • Supplements topics with illustrations, tables, figures, radiographs, and even flow charts and equations to provide you with a visual understanding of the material.
  • Features chapters organized alphabetically by disorder to help you find what you need fast.
  • Conveys the information in a concise, yet structured manner for at-a-glance reference.
  • Provides quick access to authoritative background with two or three critical references per writeup to extend your reading.