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Eat to Get Younger

Eat to Get Younger

Christine Bailey | Lorraine Nicolle


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You can't escape the ageing process but you can slow it down. By helping you to identify and address the problem areas that are accelerating your rate of ageing, this book reveals how to become more energised, sleep better, get leaner, avoid or delay age-related degenerative conditions typical in your family, and generally look and feel healthier in your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond.

Written by award-winning nutritionists, the book shows you how to manipulate your diet, supplements and lifestyle to strengthen the very body systems that are essential to extending your healthy years - systems such as inflammation, detoxification, carbohydrate metabolism and the stress response. It includes action plans for specific areas of interest, to help you focus on your own individual goal, whether this is reducing pain, improving your bones and joints, easing the menopause, losing weight, revitalising your skin, or reducing the chronic internal inflammation that is the precursor to most age-related diseases.

With over 100 recipes, plus meal plans, lifestyle suggestions and questionnaires for self-assessment, the authors guide you through their easy-to-follow programmes that will help you feel and look rejuvenated, revitalized and youthful.

It's great to find a book packed full of sensible advice on health, wellbeing and nutrition from authors who are genuinely 'walking the walk'. It's a great, easy to follow book that allows you to keep a check on your progress. The meal plans are brilliant and the recipes mouth-watering, but there's also a deep level of knowledge underpinning it so anyone suffering from poor health can feel they are in safe hands with the advice given.'

Janey Lee Grace, BBC and Hay House radio presenter, author of Look Great Naturally... Without Ditching the Lipstick and founder of

'Food is an information rich material that we ingest daily, and often our selection is driven by consumerism rather than health enhancement intent. Nicolle and Bailey have presented a clear and inspiring range of foods and explanations that will ensure the “information” you consume sends the best messages possible to favour a vital, healthy progression through life, adding pleasure and diversity to your re-energised self – a book to revert to time and again.

Michael Ash, DO, ND, BSc, DipION, osteopath, naturopath, nutritional therapist and managing director of Integrated Health Consultancy Ltd
It is bizarre in this day and age that we know how to maintain our car, care for our home, and look after all of our possessions, yet many of us are clueless as to how to stop the wear and tear in our bodies. Christine and Lorraine have done a beautiful job of bringing together the right blend of current scientific data and practical tips that will enable you to turn things around today, and maintain the healthy, happy, vibrant you!
Dale Pinnock, nutritionist and author of The Medicinal Chef and The Clear Skin Cookbook

Lorraine Nicolle MSc is a nutrition practitioner with a regular clinic at a London-based natural health centre. Lorraine is also a nutrition lecturer and module leader on university-validated degree and post-graduate courses. She works with a healthcare company, writing and delivering nutrition education sessions for healthcare practitioners, and runs workplace nutrition programmes for businesses. She is a recent recipient of the CAM Award. For more information, see

Christine Bailey MSc is a nutritional practitioner, an experienced chef, food and health consultant and cookery writer with over eighteen years of experience. She works with many food and healthcare companies undertaking recipe development, nutritional consultancy and provides training and support for the corporate sector. She is the author of many recipe and health books and is a regular contributor to a range of national health, food and fitness magazines. She has a regular clinic in Reading and London and is a lecturer and module leader on university-validated undergraduate and postgraduate courses. She is a recent recipient of the CAM Award. See