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Intellectual Disability and Dementia

Intellectual Disability and Dementia

Trevor Chan | Ken Courtenay | Sunny Kalsy | Nicolle Eady | Matthew P Janicki | Heather Wilkinson | Teresa Iacono | Antonia MW Coppus | David Thompson | Liam Wilson | Niamh Mulryan | Shahid H. Zaman | Mary McCarron | Karen Watchman | Karen Dodd | Chris Bigby | Andrew Griffith | Nancy Jokinen | Tiina Annus | Noelle Blackman | Rachel Carling Jenkins | Moni Grizzell | Andre Strydom | Irene Tuffrey-Wijne | Amanda Sinai | Michael Splaine | Tony Holland | Leslie Udell | Evelyn Reilly | Philip McCallion | Susan Benbow


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Presenting the most up-to-date information available about dementia and intellectual disabilities, this book brings together the latest international research and evidence-based practice, and describes clearly the relevance and implications for support and services

Internationally renowned experts from the UK, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Australia and the Netherlands discuss good practice and the way forward in relation to assessment, diagnosis, interventions, staff knowledge and training, care pathways, service design, measuring outcomes and the experiences of individuals, families and carers. The wealth of information offered will inform support and services throughout the whole course of dementia, from diagnosis to end of life. Particular emphasis is placed on how intellectual disability and dementia services can work collaboratively to offer more effective, joined up support.

Practitioners, managers and commissioners will find this to be an informative resource for developing person-centred provision for people with intellectual disabilities and dementia and their families. It will also be a key text for academics and students who wish to be up-to-date with the latest research and practice developments in this field.

Dr. Watchman has assembled a wide-reaching compendium of chapters touching upon and contemporizing a range of issues prevalent in the conversation on dementia and how it affects people with intellectual disabilities. The authors are drawn from among the leaders, innovators, and researchers in the social care field and their contributions help to encapsulate the 'state of the art' in this vexing area and will help us move to the next level in research and practice. A very commendable effort and a book that belongs in the hands of anyone concerned about how to best approach dementia among people with intellectual disabilities.
Matthew P. Janicki, Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago and Co-Chair of the US National Task Group in Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia Practices
Karen Watchman has managed to bring together internationally renowned experts whose contributions are an intellectual tour de force from presenting the scientific evidence to making recommendations. This is a must read for anyone interested in changing perceptions, practice or policy for people living with intellectual disabilities and dementia.
Jean Georges, Executive Director, Alzheimer Europe