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Working Therapeutically with Families

Working Therapeutically with Families

Tonia Caselman | Kimberly Hill


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This resource provides a wealth of activities to use in therapeutic work with families, tailored to meet the particular needs of different types of family.

Chapters are organized by family type, and include divorced families, families with an incarcerated parent, grandparent-led families, families with substance abuse issues, and families in grief. Each chapter includes a host of therapeutic activities that are appropriate, and most effective, with each family type. Chapters also include a discussion of the context, the strengths and weaknesses of each family type, the challenges they face, and best practices for effective intervention. Clear instructions and follow up discussion questions are included.

This will be an essential guide for all those working with families, including counsellors, family therapists, social workers and psychologists.

This very accessible book provides a myriad of examples of specific activities that can be utilized when working therapeutically with families. Even 'seasoned' practitioners will find the descriptions of 'at risk families' and the appropriately linked intervention extremely helpful.
Jenny Harvey, family therapist and author of Dramatherapy and Family Therapy in Education
Tonia Caselman is Associate Professor in Social Work at the University of Oklahoma, USA. She is an experienced clinical social worker and counsellor and has worked with families for many years. Kimberly Hill is Assistant County Office Administrator, Grand Lake Mental Health Center, Oklahoma, USA. She is a qualified social worker and has experience providing individual and family therapy.

The authors are both qualified social workers... it is a book designed to
use a range of activities in a therapeutic manner with
children, young people and families, which you could
argue fits nicely with an occupational therapy approach
to practice... due to its activity focus, I feel this book
fits nicely with an occupational therapy approach and
would be a valuable tool for practitioners working
therapeutically with families or looking to expand on
this area of their practice.

Fiona Corless, OT
Children, Young People & Families Occupational Therapy Journal
This book is written by practitioners for practitioners... Ten photocopiable appendices support some of the therapeutic activities detailed in the book and there is a subject index... Anyone from parents and young people through to teachers and therapists could read portions of the book and find something useful... The book's strength is its readability and its repetition of layout, which makes it easy to use when finding subjects, resources or information within it. I particularly like the evidence-based theory and practices covered in the book... I would recommend this book to anyone working with children, and in particular to counsellors and therapists.
BACP Children & Young People
Working Therapeutically with Families is a very valuable tool that therapists can use when working with families. It is filled with practical activities and games that are enjoyable and enlightening for the whole family. This is a great book that every therapist should have in their tool box.
Jeff Harlin, Director of Children's Services, Oklahoma, USA
This is a book that does what it says on the tin... it is a comprehensive and valuable resource for both the beginning practitioner and those looking to develop their practice further in this area.
Helen Bonnick, Practice Educator in East London, and blogger about children's violence to parents
Professional Social Work
The benefit of addressing multiple family types and helping families realize that they are not alone cannot be overstated. This a tool that can empower therapists to provide effective family therapy with confidence.
Josh Cantwell, Adult Services Administrator, Oklahoma, USA