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Organizational Innovations

Organizational Innovations

Peter Clark


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Organizational Innovations provides a clear understanding of organizational innovation for students and academics teaching in this area. The authors draw together the relevant A-Z of key frameworks and concepts from a range of perspectives in organization theory, consumption, management information systems, geography and management of technology. The book offers an accessible introduction to the new approaches and key theories and explains how new understanding relates to previous frameworks. It contains a wide range of examples and gives equal attention to the requirements of analysis and practice. It will be essential reading for students taking courses on innovation, final year undergraduate courses in management, organization and marketing.

Table of Contents

Section Title Page Action Price
1. Tools and equipment 1
2. Raw materials 5
3. Blacksmithing techniques 7
4. Making your own tools
5. Products 75
6. Setting up a workshop 101
APPENDIX: Forged tools for the carpenter 111