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Developments in Geotechnical Engineering, Vol. 14B: Rockslides and Avalanches, 2: Engineering Sites focuses on initiatives to offer a foundation for studies of mass movement phenomena in the Western Hemisphere.
The selection first takes a look at the contributions of Josef Stini to engineering, geology, and slope movement investigations, the concept of Karl Terzhagi on rockslides, and the contributions of Laurits Bjerrum to the mechanics of rockslides. Concerns cover stability of hard rock slopes, influence of geological details, relation between slide process and remedial treatment, water pressure in pores and fractures, slope creep, rockslides, and avalanches, and early warning of an impending slide. The publication then examines rock slope movements with hydroelectric power projects in Mexico, Bighorn Reservoir slides in Montana, U.S.A., rock avalanche and wave at Chungar, Peru, and wedge rockslides in Libby Dam and Lake Koocanusa in Montana.
The text examines Hogarth Pit slope failure in Ontario, Canada, pit slope performance in shale in Wyoming U.S.A., Twin Buttes pit slope failure in Arizona, U.S.A., and the Prime Mine slope failure in Arizona, U.S.A. Discussions focus on stability analyses, description of slope failures, cause of failure, remedial actions, geotechnical properties of tertiary shales, and subsequent slope performance.
The selection is a valuable source of data for researchers interested in rockslides and avalanches.
Geologists and engineers involved in comprehending rock stability will find these volumes a rewarding reference.
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